Heat Gun


Product Specifications:

  • Model: CHHG 2000
  • Rated Voltage: 240v @ 50hz
  • Power Rating(Watts): 1000(1st speed), 2000(2nd speed)
  • Speed(Litres/Minute): 300(1st speed), 500(2nd speed)
  • Air Temperature(Celsius): 350(1st speed), 550(2nd speed)
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Product description

Our dual-speed heat gun comes in a kit with a handy carry case, four different nozzle attachments and a timber handled triangle scraper. This is an excellent quality tool which is compliant for use in Australia, it will last a long time and like all of our tools is covered by our 12 month warranty.


Suitable for:

Heat shrink wrap

Stripping paint

Shaping and moulding plastic

Removing stickers and decorations

Reflowing stubborn or damaged electrical components

Waxing and de-waxing skis

And much much more!


Care must be taken as it generates high temperatures which can be a fire and burn risk.

Dangerous fumes will also be produced when used to melt plastics or rubber.

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