Heavy Duty Electric Nibbler with 2.5mm Cutting Capacity



Product description

Excellent tool with history of hard work and reliability over many years.

This nibbler is suitable for distortion-free cutting of alloyed steels and stainless steel plate.

Ideal for metal manufacturing of any type and can be used to cut a wide range of shapes.
Cuts through soft metals such as aluminium, copper and plastic.

The nibbler is capable of cutting through sheet steel/iron plate (up-to 2.5mm) and stainless steel (up-to 1.5mm). Cuts without sparking and leaves a burr free cutting edge.

Great hard wearing tool for most metal trades ie/. panel beaters, plumbers, builders, engineers, electricians or for the home handyman.

Also has various handle configurations, left or right side handle or over tool with extension as shown in pictures.

Spare parts and replacement cutters and guides always available.

Invoice and Australian warranty supplied with everything we sell.


  • 360 degrees changeable direction during operation
  • Electric Cutter Long: 298mm
  • Electric Cutter High: 207mm
  • Electric Cutter Rotate Speed: 25,000rpm
  • Export Rotate Speed: 1000rpm
  • Rate Input Power: 625 Watts
  • Rate Voltage: 240 Volt / 50Hz
  • No Load Speed: 6000 RPM
  • Minimum Cutting Diameter: 250mm
  • Power Cord: 2 meters
  • Weight (kg): 4.00 kg


  • Heavy Duty Electric (sheet cutter) Nibbler
  • Plastic Carry Box
  • 1 x Spare die/cutting blade guide
  • 2 X Spare Cutters
  • Inner Hex-angular Wrench
  • Screw Sleeve Wrench
  • Fixed Handle
  • Auxiliary Handle
  • Operating Manual
  • Boxed for Transport
  • 1 Year Warranty