Heavy Duty Electric Nibbler with 3.5mm Cutting Capacity



Product description

For sale is a heavy duty metal nibbler capable of cutting steel and similar sheet metals up to 3.5mm thick.

This tool has excellent power and is wonderful value for money.

Comes in heavy duty plastic carry case
with an additional cutter.

If you’re a metal worker… you probably just need one.

Invoice and Australian warranty supplied with everthing we sell.


  • Unique convenience and durability
  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Cuts without sparking and leaves a burr free cutting edge
  • 360 degree changeable direction during operation

Cutting Capacity:

  • Sheet steel/iron plate : 3.5mm
  • Stainless steel : 2.0mm
  • Other soft metals such as aluminium &copper: 3.5mm
  • Plastics: 3.5mm


  • Cutter length 298mm
  • Cutter height 170mm
  • Cutter weight 3.5kg
  • Power  625w
  • Cutters rotate speed 1,000rpm